Altemura di Altemura Primitivo DOC

Altemura di Altemura Primitivo DOC

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Masseria Altemura's most iconic wine made of 100% Primitivo di Manduria grapes from a single vineyard of 5 ha, composed of 70% calcareous rocks mixed with 30% fine red clays soil and aged for 14 months in 350 litre French oak tonneaux. Altemura is produced from the area of Salento that is best suited to the production of elegant wines due to soil that is rich in white lime-stone rocks and to the estates' proximity to two seas.


Tasting Notes

This great Cru is complex and full bodied with a fine structure, high both in acidity and tannins. On the nose it displays intense aromas of plums and black fruit with a hint of white pepper. This wine is delicate and well-balanced. It has the potential to evolve over time.



Grape Variety

100% Primitivo



Bottle Size

750 ml

ABOUT Masseria Altemura

Located in the beautiful Salento Peninsula, an area with a long history but which is now looking determinedly forward towards the future, the Masseria Altemura Estate’s mission is to offer a new perspective on the wines from the Southern Italian Region of Apulia. Geographically the Estate lies in the centre of Apulia, between the Ionian and the Adriatic Seas which lap the shores of the region. A unique maritime climate and abundant sunlight provide Masseria Altemura with very favourable conditions for grape growing.