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Amaranth is a shade of red, similar to that of this wine, which takes its name from a scarlet plant that the Ancient Greeks called 'amarantos' ('which doesn't fade'). It therefore represented all those genuine, sacred and timeless qualities that still permeate our land and our vines.


Tasting Notes

Exhibiting a tight and linear style, the wine imparts fresh tones of cherry, cassis and blackberry with a savory tones of spice and leather on the finish. The bouquet shows precision and sharpness with small berry aromas, dried raspberry, cassis, cola and chopped herb. Amaranto delivers energy, crisp acidity and a silky tannin texture. Wild berry, white cherry, blue flower and chopped mint emerge from the bouquet. This is an elegant and streamlined wine.



Grape Variety

100% Sangiovese



Bottle Size


ABOUT Podere San Cristoforo

At Podere San Cristoforo we believe it’s important to seek the best agronomic practices in order to assure the highest quality grapes. The biodynamic method offers very simple tools that have been used for a long time in agriculture to make the earth more fertile and to make the vine more resistant. We are convinced that the quality of our wines comes from the respect of our soils and the care of our vineyards.