Oso Toscana

Oso Toscana

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Pressed from fully ripe grapes, is vinified in vertical fermenting devices for about 10 days at a temperature of 28°C (82.4° F). Malolactic fermentation follows, after which the wine is racked into hectolitre (1,579 gallon) French oak barrels for 12 months to mature..


Tasting Notes

Intense ruby red with fruity aromas with notes of cherries, plums and blackberries. Fresh and full-bodied, tasty and balanced, it has a fruity finish and aftertaste.



Grape Variety

60% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot and 20% Syrah



Bottle Size


ABOUT Castello Di Albola

Steeped in history, Castello di Albola can trace its ownership back to the 12th century and has passed through the hands of some of Tuscany’s most important and infuential noble families. The estate’s goal is to maintain this style and level of quality, so that their wines reflect the authenticity of their historic cellars, where one can find fine wines that have been ageing for decades and yet still have a taste of almost unreal freshness. Castello di Albola captures the essence of the Sangiovese variety with its often subtle and austere tones, capable of delighting all those who care to unlock its fascinating secrets.