Papiri Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

Papiri Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

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100% hand-picked Vermentino grapes from the oldest vineyards.


Tasting Notes

Intensely fruity on the nose with hints of melon, banana and bitter almonds. Full bodied and well balanced.



Grape Variety

100% Vermentino



Bottle Size

750 ml

ABOUT Cantina Santa Maria La Palma

At Santa Maria la Palma, there are no Counts, Barons or Marquises, Instead, there are numerous families of humble winemakers were allocated a series of uncultivated lots near the city of Alghero. Rather than a silver spoon, they had strong arms, straight backs, passion and commitment. Together, they tilled the soil and planted the vines. They harvested the grapes and built up an entire vineyard, These land plots were ideal for vines, great soil, plenty of sun and the sea nearby. They chose the grape types they wanted to grow, combining some well-know names with some lesser-known jewels. We are the children and grandchildren. Nobility is to be found in hard work and in the fruits of that labour. For this reason, our nobility us in the wines we make.