Pinot Nero DOC Poggio Pelato

Pinot Nero DOC Poggio Pelato

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100% single vineyard Pinot Nero grapes from Poggio Pelato in the Oltrepo Pavese, Lombardy. Poggio Perlato identifies the vineyard where due to its microclimate and the soil enhances the varietal characteristics of Pinot Nero.


Tasting Notes

Bright ruby colour and aromas of blackcurrants, rhubarb and spice on the palate. It is full bodied and well balanced, the best expression of this terroir.



Grape Variety

100% Pinot Nero



Bottle Size


ABOUT Tenuta Il Bosco

Tenuta il Bosco is located in the Oltrepò Pavese zone, in the Province of Pavia in Lombardy. It has been making a name for itself over the last decade by producing exciting, highquality sparkling wines. This has been possible thanks to the recognition of the Oltrepò Pavese as the birthplace of Pinot Nero in Italy. Pinot Nero’s reputation as essential for highend sparkling wines, as well as incredibly fine and elegant reds, does not come, however, without its share of challenges. This variety is very unpredictable in both the vineyard and the cellar. However, the finished product can be truly remarkable.